Perth Amboy New Jersey has a lot of historical times and places. George Washington used to come to Perth Amboy way back in the 1800`s. Most of the history is located at Perth Amboy City Hall. At the city hall there are plaques,and statues. The pictures below  were taken at Perth Amboy City Hall.
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The Proprietary House occupies an important place in American history as the residence of the last appointed Royal Governor of New Jersey, William Franklin. He and his wife lived in the great old house in Perth Amboy from 1774 until 1776.

The mansion was erected in 1762-1764 to the design of master architect John Edward Pryor. It was built on a sizable scale with the intent to bolster the prestige of its owners, the Proprietors of East Jersey, by convincing the colonial governor to choose the house and Perth Amboy as his official residence.                                 

Since those early days in colonial history, time has not dealt kindly with the wonderful old structure. Fire, vandalism, vacancy, and depression over the past two centuries have all contributed to its decline. Yet still it stands, the single remaining Royal Governor's Mansion of all the original colonies.                                                      
In 1967, the property was taken over by the State of New Jersey. Restoration and preservation measures were undertaken by the Proprietary House Association, an independent non-profit organization made up of concerned citizens. At last the House is regaining much of its former glory and is open for visits. It stands as a proud reminder of New Jersey's place in American history.                                                   
When Governor Franklin finally selected the house as his residence a decade later, he was afforded elaborate new interior decorations and elegant new stables, but his tenancy was short lived because of his arrest and removal from Perth Amboy in 1776.

The house was ravaged by fire in the late eighteenth century, it and its lovely elevated site nevertheless attracted a new owner, John Rattone of Perth Amboy, who brought it back to life. Rattone was an ambitious New Yorker who added a large wing and turned the property into The Brighton. It briefly flourished as an elegant and popular hotel.

Mathias Bruen, who bought the property at a sheriff's sale in 1817,transformed himself into one of the wealthiest men in America while he lived here, and his descendants made large contributions to America's social and political history.

     In subsequent years, the original 11.5 acre site was subdivided, and the former Proprietary House was converted into a Presbyterian retirement home and once more into a hotel, but with modest accommodations.

It is now owned by the State of New Jersey and a portion of the building is operated as a museum by the Proprietary House Association.  The upper floors of the original building and the 1809 wing are occupied by professional offices.

The first floor and basement of the Proprietary House have been undergoing extensive repairs and restoration by the non-profit Proprietary House Association. The New Jersey Historic Trust, the Division of Parks and Forestry of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and the City of Perth Amboy have all contributed greatly to this effort to restore a semblance of the former glory of the building.

 These are some pictures of the Proprietary House in Perth Amboy,Nj.

Below  is a video of  Perth Amboy City Hall

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